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Five Thousand Comments!

That’s three zeroes, preceded by a five. That’s a lot of comments. I mean, for some guy with a blog. There were probably five thousand comments over on the McCovey Chronicles in one evening a couple of weeks ago. Atrios probably gets five thousand comments on a slow afternoon. I’ve got them slowly over twenty-three hundred days. And I wrote a lot of them myself. I don’t know how many; a simple search seems to break the whole system down. Phooey. Anyway, although five thousand is a good round number, it’s a bit misleading, as (a) there are at least half-a-dozen comments included in there that are double posts or spam and should be removed, and (2) there may have been some proper comments inadvertently deleted along the line. So although I was considering setting off bells when that five thousandth comment came in, and then decorating that special comment with colors and stars and the dancing baby animated gif, on second thought, not so much. In fact, I wound up waiting for another dozen comments or so before writing this up.

Because although the Comment Milestone is terrific, and it actually means a lot to YHB (far more than it should, probably, but then I’ve been watching the counter tick over for hundreds of comments now, and then there was the whole business where it spent a week going over 5,000 with spam and then going back down under when I deleted the spam, which, I can tell you, added so much to the experience), I decided some years ago that I didn’t want to go for quantity, what with the quality being so good. And I have to admit, for some reason we all had time, back in those days, for good long comment conversations, such as the Conservative Tenets series, particularly Eight and Ten or the thread on More Notes from Union Meetings.

Oh, while I’m at it, here are a few other threads that make me happy: Not very zippy, after all, President Bush Reaffirms Resolve to War on Terror, Iraq and Afghanistan, and The death business. Or How could anyone… (aka the New Strunk and White’s), What Voters Want or Mais Non, Mais Non (doot-doo de-doot doo). Or Understanding, validating, disagreeing. Or Haftorah Bo.

And I really should do more quizzes and contests, because Hint: Not the Hippopatamus wound up with a really interesting thread, and I vastly enjoyed Online Encore. They do require some work on my part, though.

Well, anyway. The point is just that I am very grateful to you, Gentle Readers all, for all the comments over the years. Thank you.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Hey, congratulations!

I hope by the time you reach 10,000 that spam filters will be better . . .

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