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For fuck's sake!

Your Humble Blogger spent a good few minutes trying to articulate how offensive I found this shit, but if I keep screaming those obscenities at the computer screen, I'm bound to wake up my little halfie kids.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Grargh! Why, oh why must people be bigoted idiots? (Not a real question.)

(semi-related aside: while my marriage is interfaith, neither of us is Jewish. On the other hand, if my great-grandfather had married a Jew, I would be by these people's standards (not that it's any of their business), in which case I'd now be even more sympathetic to your position. I did vaguely consider officially converting at one point (because a Jewish member of the family asked me to think about it), and decided not to.)

...please pardon the digression. It might well be an unwelcome distraction from quite justified anger.

I thought we had some sort of agreement where you don't push me to sickened tears until after I've had coffee? No? I suppose I should have guessed from the title.

(Why would I think that the "unequally yoked" spitefulness from my vanilla Protestant youth wouldn't have corresponding spite everywhere else?)

Masa hopes the campaign will spur the public to commit to the cause of preventing marriage to non-Jews,

That's the really terrible bit, to me. I'm wondering what that commitment and prevention would look like in practice, and it's ugly. I mean, there's a difference between targeting individuals to think one way, and targeting the general public to convince them to enforce a set of social standards.

Dude, you're sleep-deprived. Don't blame me for that.


Whoops—that'll teach me to refresh my own blog…

And agreed: this is not about persuading individual Jews in love with non-Jews not to marry their loves, this is about whipping up anger and resentment against those couples. And our children.

It is also, fundamentally, about privileging Zionist Judaism over Diaspora Judaism. Which is theologically opposite my view, of course, but the offensive part there is that they aren't simply disagreeing with my belief, they are profoundly denigrating it as being Jewish at all.

So they've insulted my children, my spouse, my religion, most of my friends, my education, my nationality— and all in language and rhetorical style calculated to inspire people to act on those insults.


Oh my word. I don't think I can bring myself to click the link, but at the same time, I can't not comment here, on the principle that silence in the face of evil amounts to complicity. So here I am, not being silent.

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