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Book Report: A Wrinkle in Time

It looks like I hadn’t reread A Wrinkle in Time for several years. That doesn’t really surprise me, actually. It’s one of the books that I liked a lot as a kid (around eight or nine, I think), and liked a lot again as a teenager, but haven’t felt the need to reread. And rereading it, like I did a month or so ago, doesn’t bring me back to the way I felt when I was young. I am more critical, less engaged.

It’s sort of odd, though, that as I have become more interested in religion, I have become less susceptible to Madeleine L’Engle’s writing. I mean, she writes from a very specific religious point of view, and one that I have a lot of sympathy with, in general. She uses Scripture in her writing as a touchpoint, more (I think) than any other specfic writer I like. And yet, I am not hooked.

Or, rather, I am hooked only in memory. It’s like reading a ghost of a story: when they start with the square root of two, or deciding to call the alien Aunt Beast, I feel the memory of being entranced without feeling entranced. It’s not one of those one where I wonder what I was thinking when I liked it, or one of the ones where I can easily spot the mechanisms that made it work and that now annoy me. It’s not the book equivalent of pixifoods, either. I don’t know.

And it’s possible, of course, that it just hit me at the wrong time, and that I would enjoy the book if I read it again in a couple of years. I doubt I will, though. I might, on the other hand, try A Wind in the Door again; it was my favorite, anyway.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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