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Encore Encore: Answers Answers

It having been almost a month since anyone chimed in on my Encore Game, I think it is time for the answers. OK? Here we go.

  • Arapaho: In the wilds of Borneo/and the vineyards of Bordeax/Eskimo, Arapaho/Move their body to and froHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”,, Ian Dury. No responses; two points for YHB. This was a hard one.
  • Bullhorn: And then the bullhorn crackles/and the captain tackles/with the problems and the hows and whysI Don’t Like Mondays”, Boomtown Rats. Jacob got a BU for the GRs about half an hour after post time.
  • Clerical: Now a clerical collar chokes at your convictions/You strangle slowly for the old addiction/It’s Heaven’s army and you’re so professional/But listen closely to this closed confessionalNice n Neat”, Boomtown Rats. No responses; two points for YHB. Is it fair to have two Boomtown Rats songs in a row like that? Sure it is.
  • Duplicitous: Brooding, duplicitous, wicked and able/media-ready, heartless and labeled/Super U.S. citizen, super-achiever/mega-ultra power dosing/Relax: defense, defense, defense, defenseIgnoreland”, REM. No responses; two points for YHB. Is it fair to use REM songs at all? No. No, it isn’t. I keep the points anyway.
  • Eucalyptus: Well he packed up all his expectations he lit out for California/With a flyswatter banjo on his knee/With a lucky tiger in his angel hair and benzedrine for getting there/They found him in a eucalyptus tree.Swordfishtrombone”, Tom Waits. No responses; two points for YHB.
  • Furrows: They laid him in three furrows deep/laid clods upon his head/then those three men took a solemn vow/John Barleycorn was deadJohn Barleycorn”, as recorded by Steeleye Span. Stephen gets another one for the GRs. Note that not all versions have this line, what with it being folk music and all. This wonderful John Renbourn Group version does not have the word at all, for instance.
  • Gelignite: I hope you remember to treat the gelignite tenderly/Ah, me, I'm having dreams about things not going right/Let's leave in plenty of time tonight, “There Goes a Tenner” Kate Bush. Fran picks up another BU for y'all.
  • Hindsight: The island of doubt/It's like the taste of medicine/Working by hindsight/Got the message from the oxygenCrosseyed and Painless”, Talking Heads. No responses; two more BUs for me.
  • Innuendos: Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do? Subtle innuendos follow: must be something insideGoody Two Shoes”, Adam Ant. Jacob again for a BU.
  • Jumper: She hooks up her cupcakes and puts on her jumper/explains that she'll be late to her worrying mother/she meets me in PicadillyPicadilly”, Squeeze. Nao got two BUs and Stephen two more.
  • Kneel: And I will pray to a big god/As I kneel in a big churchBig Time”, Peter Gabriel. Jacob got two BUs.
  • Lagers: We hitch-hiked here in the pouring rain/Now we've missed the flaming train/Hey, can I have one of them lagers?/Thanks very much.Badges, Posters, Stickers and T-Shirts”, Dire Straits. This was the one I felt the worst about—I can defend it, but it isn't altogether cricket.
  • Motorcar: On the corner is a banker with a motorcar/The little children laugh at him behind his back/And the banker never wears a mac/In the pouring rain/Very strange.Penny Lane”, The Beatles. Chaos got a BU for that one.
  • Nuclei: So the warm blood flows/with the red blood cells lacking nuclei/through the large four-chambered heart.Mammal”, They Might Be Giants. Stephen picked up a BU for this one.
  • Observing: Say, I remember when we used to sit/In the government yard at Trenchtown/Observing the hypocrites/as they mingle with the good people we meet.No Woman, No Cry”, Bob Marley and the Wailers. Jacob got this one, which was one I actually expected people to get other songs with the word but not my song. Hm.
  • Pettiness: My eyes collide head-on with stuffed graveyards/False gods, I scuff/At pettiness which plays so rough/Walk upside-down inside handcuffs/Kick my legs to crash it off/Say okay, I have had enough/What else can you show me?It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding”, Bob Dylan. No responses; two points for YHB.
  • Quickest: if you/miss the A-Train/you'll find/you've missed the quickest way to get to HarlemA-Train”, Billy Strayhorn, words later added by Joya Sherrill, probably. Chaos earned two plus an extra BU to make up for my initial skepticism about her song.
  • Reassuringly: And I dreamed I was dying/And I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly/And looking back down at me/Smiled reassuringlyAmerican Tune”, Paul Simon. BDan got a BU for getting this one.
  • Sugar-daddies: Soon your sugar-daddies will all be gone. You'll wake up some cold day and find you're alone.Cry, Cry, Cry”, Johnny Cash. No big fans of the Man in Black here? Two points for YHB.
  • Tantric: Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic/Like Sting, I'm tantric/Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfyOne Week”, Barenaked Ladies. Dan P. got the BU for y'all, with Jacob backing him up.
  • Undefended: When I grew up, well it felt great/I watched how others took their fate/Some felt afraid and undefended/so they got mean and they pretended/what they knew made them belong more than youTeenagers, Kick Our Butts”, Dar Williams. No responses; YHB gets two more BUs.
  • Vacant: Every nerve in my body is so vacant and numb/I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from/Don't even hear a murmur of a prayer/It's not dark yet, but it's getting there.Not Dark Yet”, Bob Dylan. No responses on another one I thought would be a fairly common word. Vacant lot, vacant… um, somethin'.
  • Warmer: The language of love/slips from my lover's tongue/cooler than ice cream/and warmer than the sunWho's that Girl”, Eurythmics. I think I'm going to grant the two BUs for Jacob and Nao and South Pacific, but nobody got Annie Lennox.
  • Xavier: Now I could tell you Rafaella Gabriela and Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla and Albert Andreas Armadillo found an aardvark, a kangaroo, and a rhinoceros. And now that aardvark and that kangaroo and that rhinoceros belong respectively to Rafaella Gabriela Sarsaparilla and Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla and Albert Andreas Armadillo!Pronouns”, Schoolhouse Rock. Fran and Laura earn the GRs another unit.
  • yacht: Got no mansion/got no yacht/still I'm happy with what I've gotSun in the Morning and the Moon at Night”, Irving Berlin. Four BUs to Jacob, BDan, and Chris.
  • Zucchini: Oh! Wha' a beauty! I've never seen one as big as that befowah,/Oh Oh! What a beauty, it must be two foot long—or even mowah/And it's such a lovely color, so big, and round, and fat,/I've never seen a zucchini grow quite as big as that!The Zucchini Song”, Tim Curry. Do y'all not know the Zucchini Song? I adore the Zucchini Song. I mean. How could you not?

Did y'all have fun on this? I surely did. Thank you Jacob, Nao, Stephen, Chris, Laura, Fran, Dan P, Chaos and BDan for playing; by my count you totaled 25 Bragging Units. I keep 24 units for the twelve words nobody got any songs on at all, plus another eight for the four words that nobody got that particular song I was thinking of. Plus all the extra BUs I get because it's my blog and I did a lot of work on this. So there. I win! Ha, ha.

/gloaty dance

So. Another one next year?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Please do, it's always fun! I've listened to "Automatic for the People" a zillion times, and i'm just taking your word for it that those lyrics actually appear in that song...

I definitely had fun. There should always be a couple of head-slappers when you post the answers; for me it was the Peter Gabriel and the Dar Williams.

I hope I didn't make the game less fun for anyone by being quick off the mark (thanks to a quiet afternoon at work) and snagging a lot of low-hanging fruit.

I definitely had a good time. Please do it again.

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