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C2: This time it counts!

It occurs to me that some of y'all may have seen Cranford, the miniseries, either when it was on Masterpiece or even grabbing the shiny discs after I mentioned how wonderful it is. I hope so, anyway, because it’s a lovely, lovely thing.

Well, and it was so successful back on Albion’s Pleasant Shores that they made another one, a sequel that I believe is called Cranford and Son, for showing at Yuletide just last week. And people seemed to like it there. The Guardian said that even if you think that the sight of one more bonnet will make you puke out your Christmas pud, you don’t want to miss A Very Cranford Christmas”. The Times reviewer said that The End of Cranford was one of the few charming adaptations to actually be charming, and the Sun said that Cranford and Zombies was an outrage that the clever-clever elites were trying to put over on the real, hard-working salt of the earth, and Lisa Dillon caught in love nest: DILLY-DALLYING!

Back in real life, those who watch television only over the internet can catch up by watching Cranford itself over the next couple of days, and then watch Return to Cranford (no, really, that’s what they called it, although I can’t imagine who would be returning, unless… ) anytime in the next month or so.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Oh! I loved Cranford (which I think I was rec'd by some other source), so this is great news! (My husband, on the other hand, described it as "Pride and Prejudice: The Soap Opera!"... he was not nearly as big a fan, perhaps having been spoiled by P&P.)

I have to admit I was a tiny bit disappointed in the first part of C2, but there were lots of good things, too. And, um, if Cranford is “Pride and Prejudice: The Soap Opera”, what exactly was Pride and Prejudice?


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