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Senator for life plus ninety-nine

You know what just occurred to me today? It occurred to me that if the Republican Party really were interested in expanding health care financial coverage to everybody (or nearly) and if Senator-Elect Brown were the sort of person who has or could recognize really good legislative ideas…

Then he could very easily get a health care finance reform bill passed, with overwhelming support, and in doing so would almost certainly guarantee himself re-election in Massachusetts forever.

That would be the dead hand of James Madison high-fiving the world, wouldn’t it?

I mean, no, of course the Republican Party have no interest in reform of any kind, and if they did, they would still rather kill it than have it pass under the Democrats. And there is no evidence that Senator-Elect Brown is the kind of legislator who is interested in, you know, legislation or legislating. Or, evidently, remaining Senator for more than two years.

Actually, to be fair, he is quite likely to win re-election anyway, and he may be counting on that. But seriously, if he walked in to the Senate on Groundhog Day with a Edward M. Kennedy Memoral Universal Health Care Act that had four Republican co-sponsors and that the Democrats could (however grudgingly) endorse, is there any chance he would ever lose an election in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? That he won’t do it seems to me conclusive evidence that such a Bill does not exist and will not exist so long as the Republican Party is led by the current gang, both the elected officials and the broadcast and direct mail tycoons.

It just seemed worth saying.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,