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Worth a thousand words

As I have not yet finished my post about designs and settings for Shakespeare’s plays, and as I haven’t anything else to say at the moment, I would encourage Gentle Readers to view this publicity photograph of a Richard III performance. First of all, is it not a thing of beauty? And second, do all y’all recognize that Richard? No? Look closer.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


I've looked! I've looked closer! WHO IS IT?

Patrick Stewart?

No, don't get distracted by that enormous plastic nose. Look at the eyes.


Mandy Patinkin?

I've been trying to think of a way to provide a hint without ruining for everybody. How's this—a link to another image from that production in which the fellow is more recognizable.

Or should I give y'all his initials?


It's Severus Snape, isn't it?

No, seriously: I do recognize him. The body language is unmistakable. I can't place him, though. Sean Bean?


Second guess, based on new image:

Derek Jacobi?

I am going to block this completely correct guess for another little while, just in case it spoils anybody's fun. But yes, Chris is the winner! And such a familiar face, too.

…and I've restored his guess.


Damn, I think I should have guessed it earlier since my initial reaction is reinforced by the second photo. The initials are the same right? And likely putting up a Masterful performance...

Figures that I would do better with Shakespearean actors than popular song lyrics . . .

After seeing the hint picture, I went back and looked at the original picture, and even then I could only barely trace the resemblance.

On a different note--it strains the bounds of credulity to see Richard being held at spearpoint by old Queen Margaret. Just not realistic. I mean, if she could catch Richard that way, he'd be dead, and that would be the end of the play. She wouldn't hesitate a second, except perhaps to gloat . . .

Well, and I'm thinking of it as a publicity photo, not necessarily as a moment that is blocked in the play. Because you are quite correct—this Margaret clearly has the strength to do it, and would scarcely be squeamish. Perhaps Richard has a mithril undershirt?


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