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A New Idea

So. We had a cancelled rehearsal on Tuesday, due to the storm that wound up dumping eight inches or so of the white stuff on our roads. SNo Big Deal, since we are naming our storms these days. And can I suggest, if the Baltimore/DC area is hit with another one in the next few weeks, we call it SNo Mas!, which I think has the proper sound of defeatism and disbelief.

Anyway, we were back to rehearsal on Wednesday, and one of the other actors, sitting around, came up with a great image that I think I may make use of, which is the idea of Buckingham as the manager of the band. He’s enough older than Richard and Richmond and all of them that he doesn’t really get the punk thing, but he sees that there’s money in it, so he’s all in favor. He’s the link between the punks and the straight world, the one who gets the gigs and collects the money, and maybe hands some to the band, but not too much, because they will just piss it away. He loves everybody, because anybody could be useful, and if possible, when he screws people over, he won’t be there to watch it, he’ll be in the back room gladhanding the next contact.

And then, you know, once the band has a hit and a contract, they don’t need him any more and out he goes.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,