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Happy everything, y'all!

Posting will be infrequent for a week or so here on this Tohu Bohu, for reasons which are well and good for me, and nothing really to do with the blog. Opening Night at Punk R3 went very well, and the second night went badly, but not too badly. I feel sure that most of the largish crowd on Friday went away well disposed to telling people they would have a good time coming to our show, and most of the smallish crowd on Saturday probably did not, judging as best I can from their reactions. But then, you can’t really tell. Audiences are bastards and cannot be trusted under the best of circumstances. Ten more.

So that’s that, and the other great big thing going on of course is the usual confluence of Passover and Holy Week; the best argument against mixed marriage between a Jew and a Christian turns out to be not the difficulty of raising the children in one or another faith, nor latent anti-Semitism and anti-clericalism, nor yet the possibility of war between the US and Israel, but simply the logistics of the spring. Added to that, there are three major household activities that are demanding near-immediate attention (the welcome arrival of houseguests, the conclusion of the Girl Scout Cookie accounting for the year, and the delivery of a cubic fuckload of dirt for our garden), and well, let me just say this: posting will be infrequent for a week or so here on this Tohu Bohu.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Well, then. Break a leg, a matzoh, and some ground. In whatever order tradition dictates. I'm no expert.


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