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Yes, I'm still here

Four down, eight to go. I suppose that’s one-third in, although it’s also two-fifths, as the remaining three weekends include the two matinees. The shows have gone well, for the most part. We were a trifle overrehearsed, I think—two nights before we opened we were ready but for lights and sound, so we kept running the show for our lights and sound people, which was correct and needed, but took a bit of the edge off our performances. This is a problem for us community theater amateurs; we tend to be either overrehearsed or underrehearsed, and we haven’t the years of experience or the technique to just do it all the same.

I was concerned about the audiences: after getting a fairly nice house of 67 for Opening Night (the place seats a hundred or so), we had only 34 on the second night. The next weekend, we had 17 on Friday, and I began to perceive a pattern. Fortunately, however, we had more than 9 in the house on Saturday, actually bumping up to 25 or so. Still quite low in absolute numbers, and in terms of the theater making any money to speak of (or at that level, keeping the losses down) it ain’t great, but not so bad as I had feared. And, in fact, the smallish audiences on the second weekend were more appreciative and noisier (in a good way) than the somewhat bigger audience on the previous Saturday.

In fact, that Saturday was the worst of our four performances so far. We did not have the nervous energy of Opening Night, and the initial quietness of the crowd fed into a fall-off in the energy level (after tech week, we were very very tired) which of course led into the audience being less entranced, and therefore giving us less, which brought us further down, and so on and so forth. In my case, I misspoke several of my lines—not forgetting the line but hearing it come out of my mouth incorrectly. That’s exhaustion.

In point of fact, just today I was wondering what was up with the odd feeling I had, strangely energetic and alert, and realized that it was just that for the first time in three weeks, I’m not tired. That was kind of scary.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,