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Gone today, ear tomorrow

Oh, YHB is not well at all. Not at all. My ears are infected.

Not, as you might think, by bad but catchy music, stuck in my head after repeated listenings in coffee shops or at the compulsion of the Youngest Member. No, my ears are infected in the other sense, that they are filled with pus and bacteria.

So, I am probably not capable of sustained concentration on anything, not when some jerk keeps sneaking up and jabbing an ice pick in the side of my head like that. No clever post today, folks.

In the meantime, award-winning journalist David S. Bernstein asks which Muppet would make the best Supreme Court nominee. His suggestion of Sam the Eagle would undoubtedly sail through Congress, but who is going to vote against Sweetums? But YHB throws this Tohu Bohu’s support behind Lew Zealand, who revealed a terrific legal mind when he said You gotta have sole. Or if you can’t get sole, use halibut. Y’all’s nominations to be discussed in comments.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Beaker's depth of analysis can best be summed up in his treatise, "Mee mee meemee meemeemee mee." The Swedish Chef might not be eligible, and Animal... Well, I wouldn't want to sit on his confirmation hearing, is all I'm saying. So, let my watchword proudly ring henceforth: BEAKER FOR SCOTUS!

Is the phrase "Tickle Me Scalia" really so wrong?



I might be inclined to nominate Dr. Teeth, because I think he would write the most interesting opinions. On the other hand, I think Miss Piggy might be the most persuasive with her fellow justices.

I think the question of which Supreme Court Justice would make the best muppet has been definitively answered.

I'm having second thoughts, myself, about Prairie Dawn. She is a terrific nominee, with a long and commendable history as a Muppet, and I think she would make a fine Supreme Court Justice.

Unless I'm thinking of Betty Lou. Which one is Prairie Dawn again?


Prairie Dawn is the 7-yo girl Muppet with a bob.

Betty Lou is the one with the braids.

I think Prairie Dawn has more personality.

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