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Book Report: Cetaganda

So. Your Humble Blogger had just finished The Vor Game and thought that I should pick up another one. It wasn’t particularly in my mind that Cetaganda was the next one chronologically, mostly I was thinking that I hadn’t read it in a while.

I hadn’t ever looked at what order the books were published verses the order of the events. This is, I think, a fill-in, where she goes back and adds an adventure in between two other books. I’m not sure how this fits in with her theory of series novels—I suppose it fits in quite well, since I didn’t notice it. On the other hand, I read them out of order to begin with, and Cetaganda was the first one I read (alas), so it’s not necessarily something I would have figured out myself.

Of course, her willingness to write and publish out of chronological order is a Good Thing, particularly now that Miles is married-with-children. Not that she couldn’t in theory write a perfectly good married-with-children Miles adventure, but if she comes up with a book that would work better with an earlier Miles, all the better. Or, for my preference, a book without Miles. Of all the possible Next Miles Books (and I know, there’s one coming out in a year or so, and it isn’t this one), the one I would be most excited to see is what I call Sergeyar, the story of how the Viceroy and Vicereine come back to the planet where they met, set up a new Barrayaran colony influenced by the Vicereine’s Betan outlook, and battle the infamous plague worms. And, I don’t know, avert interstellar war or something. Frankly, I don’t care. She’s so good at plots, I figure anything would be terrific. And she can put a bit of flesh back in to the increasingly phantom older generation.

Or, of course, she can write whatever the hell she wants. I think I saw at one point that Ms. Bujold was positively inundated with people telling her great ideas for new Miles stories. And the problem with that is that purely from a legal standpoint, it’s best if she doesn’t, you know, use any of those story ideas. And since there is only one of her, and about a zillion fans, just by the odds of the thing, whenever she began to muse on a possible new idea, somebody else thought of it and sent it to her. So my writing about Sergeyar is pretty much guaranteeing that she won’t write it—if I thought I was the first person to have come up with the idea and shared it round, I would have kept my fool mouth shut.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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