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Book Report: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Your Humble Blogger did not actually read all of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. It was a Bedtime Book for our Perfect Non-Reader, and I was away for a few evenings, and, well, I may have perhaps nodded off now and then when my Best Reader was taking her turn.

Actually, I have grown to really enjoy falling asleep while my Best Reader reads to my Perfect Non-Reader. It’s tremendously restful. Of course, it does mean that I miss bits of the story, which isn’t great—I am allowed to read behind to catch up on plot, but that doesn’t help me know what voices to use for the newly introduced characters. And, you know, it might take away from the whole shared experience thing, particularly since I have been known to snore. On the other hand, I am somewhat of an insomniac when it comes to my regular bedtime, often lying awake for an hour or more waiting for sleep to hit me, and I don’t want to give up the delicious sensation of easy rest.

And I do, generally, wake up in time to say goodnight and head downstairs to do the housework.

As for Grace Lin’s book, I liked it quite a bit. It had one of the things that I think is particularly difficult to carry off: the characters in the narrative stop to tell stories themselves, and then characters and events from within the stories in the story turn up in the main story. Ms. Lin did a fine job of it, making use of our fondness for exotic settings and folktales from distant lands. I have no idea whether somebody who grew up with Chinese storytelling would find it all charming or annoying, but it charmed me.

Which is to say, the book didn’t put me to sleep at all, despite my having slept through much of it.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,