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Book Report: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

My Perfect Non-Reader did, in fact, enjoy Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as a bedtime book, so that’s all right.

I don’t want to read her the fourth book for a while, mostly because I didn’t much like the fourth book and don’t want to read it myself anytime soon.

I’m wondering, though, and I would have to re-read the thing myself to find out, whether the introductory novella could be separated out from the book and read (in a few months) as a semi-detached Bedtime Book in itself. That’s the World Cup bit, of course. I remember reading it aloud with my Best Reader, and thinking that it really seemed to be nearly complete in itself, lacking a real payoff, of course, but still entertaining, as long as you weren’t fretting for the actual book to begin.

I don’t know. She hasn’t been angling to start the next one yet, so perhaps I should just let the whole thing go until she brings it up. Frankly, I am a trifle ambivalent about the rest of the books being Bedtime Books at all, as they are very, very long, and not all that wonderful. I mean, I would call them good books within the meaning of the Act, but I wouldn’t call them Great Books. And while I in theory like the idea of reading all of them aloud to my Perfect Non-Reader, I’m not sure that the marginal sweetness doesn’t drop off quite a bit when you get deeply into the series. Particularly since there are other books in the world, even other books I am looking forward to reading to my Perfect Non-Reader as Bedtime Books, and from Four on in, each book is a commitment of months.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,