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Book Report: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The thing about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is that I had, two and a half years ago, written Psmith, Zombie for a contest called Insert a Zombie, Win a Prize, that was set up by Maureen Johnson in February 2008. Her example of how to best insert a zombie in a great work of literature was, in point of fact, Pride and Prejudice, and she did a great, great job of it in a short bit. After that, having a whole book of it seemed a little overdone, didn’t it?

Not to say that the fellows who put it together didn’t have a really good idea. The really good idea was not to put some zombies into Pride and Prejudice. The really good idea was monetizing that earlier idea. It turned out that if you did even a halfway decent job of inserting a zombie into Pride and Prejudice, and did it at a saleable length, you could make a lot of money. Ms. Johnson’s idea was to do it at a popular length of 250 words or so, and give it away. The other guys made something that could have a cover. And made a great cover; I really have to say that the cover is utterly fantastic. After ten pages or so, I began to form the opinion that the rest of the book after the cover was really unnecessary, and I never lost that opinion.

It was funny enough, I should say, and there were dick jokes, so that’s all right. And honestly, the fact that it didn’t make Your Humble Blogger cranky must be thought of as an achievement, under the circs. But I never felt that it was done as well as it could possibly be done—I didn’t even feel like it was done better than I could do it, if I bothered to do it. But I do have to respect the fact that those guys actually did do it, and got it to the bookstores, which I would never have done.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,