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Book Report: The Black Arrow

Your Humble Blogger picked up The Black Arrow last Spring for obvious reasons. Well, obvious if you know the book. Because Richard III is a main character.

It’s a kid’s book, more or less, a Boy’s Adventure book anyway, by Robert Louis Stevenson, who described it as nothing but tushery from beginning to end. Tushery is a great word, by the way—it’s the overuse of faux-archaic language, and by extension, the kind of crappy writing that overuses faux-archaic language, i’faith. And he was right, about The Black Arrow that is. And about tushery in general, I suppose, although I have to wonder how often a word enters the language and the dictionaries that was invented by a writer to deprecate his own work? Surely that, in itself, is a significant accomplishment, and justifies The Black Arrow, even if it really is not a very good book.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,