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Comments are up; play is resumed; jacks or better to open.

My Gracious Host has fixed this Tohu Bohu using baling wire, duct tape, and I believe some lubricant jelly. I try not to know the details. Anyway, comments are back. Gentle Readers may commence (and have recommenced) playing Online Encore, and there may well be new Book Reports in the near future. O Joy!

So. Those who had ’em having presumably smoked ’em, stamp out those butts, cease your lolligagging and return to your irregularly scheduled programming now in progress. Or regress. Or, for an extra two bits, step this way to see the egress.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


The details of the lubricant jelly will be provided for a small fee after the show, to gentlemen only (or ladies dressed like gentlemen).


Never mind.

I have waved my hands convincingly in the general direction of Movable Type, and incanted various and sundry magic-sounding words, and MT seems to have found me tolerably convincing because your entries now appear to be visible.

I know what I did to fix it, but not why it broke in the first place. MT is a baffling and mysterious device.

Anyway, lemme know if you encounter any further problems.

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