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Book Report: One Foot Ashore

Having written about Jacqueline Dembar Greene’s Out of Many Waters, I suppose I have to tell the story of how she came to write One Foot Ashore. She told this story at the talk, and her mother was there in the audience. This is important because the story goes that she went to have dinner at her parents’ house, as she did fairly often—this was after Waters had been published, and Ms. Greene had (I think) turned to full-time writing. And she goes over to her parents’ house, and they say we need to talk. And she thinks, uh-oh. But she figures that they can’t ground her, because she has her own place, and her husband might object, you know? So she says sure, let’s talk and they say come, sit down. And she goes in to the living room with them, and she’s really nervous, because if they are going in to the living room to sit down for the talk, it’s a talk, it’s not just a conversation. And they say You need to write a sequel to the book.

Well, she hadn’t planned on writing another book. Isobel had made it to the New World, and story was over. Right? But they said we need to know what happened to Maria. And Ms. Greene didn’t have any idea what happened to Maria. But her parents insisted, and she wrote the book.

It’s interesting (to me) that what appears to have happened is that the two books have gone out of print (although now that I search, the publisher appears to still have them listed, which doesn’t mean they are in print) and Ms. Greene is self-publishing them through the Author’s Guild Back in Print program. I would be a trifle skeptical of having my books on a self-publishing site, but then, I suppose she does sell some that way. I wonder what the contract was with Bloomsbury/Walker, and whether there was some sort of problem with it. She certainly is a big seller now, although that’s more American Girl than Jackie Dembar Greene. Still.

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