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Book Report: The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

We’re nearing the end of the year, Gentle Readers, which is when I try to get all caught up on books. I am now, according to my current list, ten books behind with only nine days left in the year. And I will almost certainly finish another two or three books in that time. Well, two anyway; I’m partway through one, and there’s another I am interested in that looks like a quick read. On the other hand, I will be traveling during those nine days, which is not conducive to reading. On the other other hand, traveling isn’t conducive to blogging, either. Ah, well.

And that ten book list is the ones I know about. I realized, recently, that I read Lloyd Alexander’s The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen back in March and never logged it. March! And it would have dropped out of the list altogether if I hadn’t come across the little library slip with the due date on it. In theory I keep all those slips, and have for years. They go in an envelope by the shelf where the library books go. Only, of course, they don’t go there; they are used as bookmarks, and then they are discarded anywhere in the house, until eventually they get crumpled up and thrown away. If I did keep them, really keep them, I’d have a pretty good sense of what I have read—not that I read all the books I take out of the public, but I could probably figure out pretty close to instantly what I had read and what I hadn’t. Of course, I could just type them all in to my list, but then, I don’t even get the slips into the envelope, am I seriously going to transcribe them?

So there it is. And since to my mind the primary purpose to this whole bookblogging thing has become the ability to look back and see what I’ve read, purely as a record, the gaps are problematic. And I feel it’s important to write up book reports for books I read nine months ago, so long as it was in the same calendar year. Like this one.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,