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A Thought for the Day!

Your Humble Blogger would just like to point out that the following applications are blocked from my Facebook newsfeed:

@Hearts, @Hugs, @Kisses, @Smiles, 21 questions, AppBank, Badges, Baking Life, Bejeweled Blitz, Birth Personality, Buzzeo App Creator - make your own app, Cafe Life, Café World, Causes, Collect Hearts, Color and Your Sexuality Quiz, Cow Clicker, Discover the hidden of your name, Family Feud, Farkle 2, FarmVille, Fish World, Flowers for Moms, Fly the American Flag, Foursquare, Friend of the Day!, Friendly Hearts, FrontierVille, Games, Gift Creator, Gowalla, Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Hidden Secrets of your Name?, Horoscopes, Hugged, iHearts, Island Paradise, Karma, Kingdoms of Camelot, Kissbox, Mafia Wars Game, Magical Name Acronym Generator!, Middle Kingdom, MindJolt Games, Movies, My Year In Photos, My Year In Status, Myers-Briggs® Type Tips, PetVille, Pieces of Flair, Playing With Your Names, Quiz Monster, Quiz Planet, Quiz Whiz, Quizazz, QuizBone, School of Wizardry, Show Some Love!, Smiles, Snake, Social City, Super Farkle, SuperPoke! Pets, Texas HoldEm Poker, Tiki Resort, Top Words 2010, Travel Balloon, Treasure Isle, Vampire Wars, What Does Your Birth Date Mean?, What Your Birth Month Says About You, Working Style, World War, Your angel and devil friends today, Your Latin Name and Its Meanings, Your Luck [daily], Your Name Numerology, and YoVille.

I think that's eighty of them. Just to be clear, these are the ones that I have clicked (twice) to tell FB that I don't want any status updates generated by those applications to appear on my newsfeed.

Which means that anybody who is in that group of Facebook friends may feel free to use those applications and allow them to generate status updates: you won't be bothering me. However, should you start to use an application that is not on the above list, please consider setting the application permissions to prevent generated status updates.

Alternately, if you are using any of the above applications to generate status updates that you want YHB (or anyone else) to read, then you're doing it wrong.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,



Thanks for this! I feel the same way about many of these - particularly the FarmVille requests and status updates I see. Admittedly, I tried FarmVille for approximately six hours - if only to satisfy my curiosity about why my friends devote so much time(and apparently real, human money on occasion) to a virtual farm that generates nothing.

My curiosity sated, it was also during this time that I discovered I have a terrible anxiety about games that continue play themselves without me.

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