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Book Report: Enchanted Glass

Your Humble Blogger doesn’t always judge books by their covers. Which is a good thing, because, alas, when the artist depicted the titular window in Diana Wynne Jones’ses’ Enchanted Glass, he chose to make the colored panes with the upper left one in orange, and the one next to it in green, the one below that in yellow, and the one on the lower left in blue, with a wavery magical effect rather than square lines.

This is not, in fact, true. It’s three-by-three, and it’s just that there is a blue one second down on the left and a yellow one immediately to its right, and that was enough to make the thing look like an advertisment for a certain operating system.

The book is not an ad for an operating system, although there is a lot of swearing at the computer, which doesn’t function well in the presence of magic. Or, presumably, oxygen. If it’s anything like mine. Ooh!

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,