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Book Report: The Mask of Apollo

Your Humble Blogger is writing this note on December 26th, in the evening, during a profound snowstorm. I am at the moment only partway through The Mask of Apollo; I expect I will finish it in the next few days. Well, next few days from now, when I’m writing it. I am scheduling the note to actually go on-line in five days. So from your point of view, Gentle Reader, I expect I will have finished it in the last few days. And if I don’t finish the book by the 31st, I will delete the entry, so you won’t have seen it. If you are reading this on the last day of 2010, then I will finish the book in the next few days. Clear?

Of course, if you are reading this in 2011 sometime, it’s likely I finished it in the first week of the year. Or maybe you’re just catching up, because you had better things to do on New Year’s Eve than read a book report on the Tohu Bohu, particularly when it is, I kid you not, the fourth one on the same damned book. I mean, come on. In which case, I hope you had a good time. Or, if it hasn’t happened yet, that you do have a good time. Happy New Year! Whatever year it is.

Now, the reason I am pre-blogging this book is that I have, at last, caught up with my list of unblogged books, and if I don’t finish anything else before the end of the year, I will not have to write any entries in January that have December timestamps in order to make my Year in Books accurate. Ish. Because we all know I’ve missed a bunch. And, despite the traveling I am planning on doing between now and then, the odds are fairly good that I’ll read something of some kind while I am on the road. I do that. I’ll have the netbook with me, anyway, and I have all kinds of stuff on the hard drive now. But for now, the plan is that The Mask of Apollo will be the last book I read in 2010, and the last book I blog, and then the last Book Report that posts itself whilst I, Gentle Readers, am driving up the Eastern Seaboard, coming home.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,