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It's a New Year for Tohu Bohu

Your Humble Blogger commands the attention of all Gentle Readers: Things are going to be different around here!

For instance this [picks up salt shaker] will now be… here! [places salt shaker on other side of pepper shaker]

Yes, well. There will be a couple of changes to the way YHB handles this Tohu Bohu. I had kind of a rotten blogyear in 2010, as it happens, to the point where I was seriously considering packing it in. I decided to keep blogging, but some of the things that made blogging a chore, rather than a hobby, will be cut down in 2011.

I will no longer blog every book I read. I will still attempt to note down all the books I read, off-blog, and at the end of the year, I will attempt to write my Year in Books, just the way I am planning to write my Year in Books 2011 (probably not until next week, though). And I will still post the occasional Book Report, I’m sure, just as I did before I started blogging each book whether I had anything to say about it or not. My plan now is to only blog a book if I want to. So. Fewer Book Report posts in 2011. As there have been something like 750 of them in the last seven years, something more than three out of every ten posts in those years, it’s possible that there will be many fewer posts on this Tohu Bohu overall. But I am hoping that if I don’t have a list of a dozen books waiting for me to blog them, I will be more likely to (a) write an essay with some sort of substance or at least entertainment, and (2) write an essay at all.

Second, I am no longer going to look carefully at the comment spam. If the software says it’s spam, I will delete it. Up to 2011, I put a good deal of effort into trying not to delete any comments that might be real. It has grown, over time, the way it tends to do. My Gracious Host has put a more aggressive spam-killer into operation, which is nice, and now I have only a few that ask for my specific attention, whilst hundreds fall into the oubliette. It would take an hour a day or more to convince myself that there were no false positives, and that would be an hour (spread out in five minute chunks) that I would find deeply unpleasant, as I have still been unable to inure myself to the process. So I’m not going to do it anymore.

That probably won’t affect Gentle Readers at all. If you are commenting on any post in the last two weeks or so, I should see it and publish it. It’s unlikely that any of y’all will suddenly feel the urge to go back and comment on an old post, but if you do, it’s possible that I will see it and publish it, because my system knows you and likes you. It’s also possible that my spam-killer will eat it as a false positive. So, a warning: if you are commenting on an old post, please send me email letting me know, and I’ll try to save your post.

For anyone new to this Tohu Bohu—well, it’s unlikely you will happen to come across this post first, isn’t it? Well, and if you do: feel free to send an email and let me know that you are here and commenting, and I will see that your comments get published. I hope. And if you get frustrated and leave our Tohu Bohu never to darken our pixels again, well, I will be sad (although I won’t know it), but I have to think it would be worse to have a cranky blogger reluctant even to open the management page of the blog than to have a Potentially Gentle Reader turned away from a (moderately) happy blogger with a blog that contains more than gripes.

I think those are the main areas in which I am planning to change the way I do things. If y’all have any advice, or requests, or commissions, or warnings, please let me know.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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