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Current Events that are difficult to alphabetize in English

So. Libya.

For the record, Your Humble Blogger thinks that there must have been a better option than all this bombing stuff. On the other hand, I’m not terribly angry with Our Only President, who was, alas, not really in a good position to be the brakeman on the French train. I mean, yes, he could have stopped this crazy pseudo-invasion, but stopping it would have created a lot of problems for him and for the UN and NATO and Egypt and all, and I find the go-along arguments pretty persuasive, as long as I don’t think about it too hard. And if it works—and I have no idea whether it’s a longshot or a can of corn—if it works, there are lots of benefits. Probably.

Having said that, I am very troubled by the idea that civil wars in sovereign nations around the world are an opportunity for overt interference by the West. I don’t mean to be na├»ve or whatnot—civil wars in sovereign nations around the world have always been opportunities for covert or indirect interference by anybody who could manage it. But there’s a difference, it seems to me, between that sort of thing and, oh, jets bombing depots and taking out tanks. The covert stuff was limited by its covertosity; you could run some guns, but you couldn’t land tanks on the beaches. This is different.

In addition, there is this nightmare scenario I have mentioned before, a very, very scant chance that if much of the world gets the idea that the US and its satellites are picking off the leaders of Islamic nations one-by-one, that some well-funded charismatic leader will actually get a real pan-Islamic movement together specifically as a bulwark against American Aggression. Again: I don’t think this is likely at all, for a variety of reasons I have gone into before. But it would be disastrous for the US, if it did happen, and almost certainly disastrous for everybody else, particularly North Africa, the Middle East, Persia, South Asia, Central Africa, Southern Europe, whatever Turkey is, and, um, that’s getting less particular, isn’t it? Anyway, bad. And I am hearing that the anti-Quaddafi feeling is pretty darned global, and that nobody nowhere thinks that America is a bad guy for removing Mubarek (which we didn’t do, and nobody regrets). So this year’s model isn’t an obvious fund-raiser for the Saladin I’m imagining. Right?

All of which is to say, I’m kinda hoping the Colonel’s head explodes, and we can tiptoe out of Libya very quickly and quietly, while making faces behind the backs of the French.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


The Levant, isn't it?

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