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Playlist: Let's Clatter There

I think this is Volume Seven of the Play Playlist Lists; it’s the prettiest of them, I think, despite everything.

  1. Ten Commandments: Psalm 6 (Bay Psalm Book), Margaret Dodd Singers
  2. Psalm 24 (Bay Psalm Book, set: Henry Ainsworth), Gregg Smith Singers
  3. Psalm 39, "Martyr’s Tune" (Thomas Ravenscroft), Gregg Smith Singers
  4. Mein Heiland geht ins Leiden (Georg Muller), Charles Bressler
  5. Thanks Be To Thee (Johannes Herbst), Charles Bressler/Harriet Wingreen
  6. Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes (Heinrich Schütz), Philippe Herreweghe
  7. Audivi vocem (Thomas Tallis), Taverner Choir
  8. Vigilate (William Byrd), The King’s Singers
  9. De Profundis (John Dowland), Consort of Musicke
  10. When Jesus Wept (William Billings), Colonial Revelers
  11. Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice (18c hymn), Boston Baroque
  12. The Image Of Melancholy (Anthony Holborne), Hespèrion XXI
  13. Daphne (John Playford), Hesperus
  14. Greene-Sleeves (Traditional), Paul O’Dette
  15. The Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night (Traditional), Custer LaRue
  16. The True Lover’s Farewell (Traditional), Baltimore Consort
  17. Old Wife Behind The Fire (Traditional), Bare Necessities
  18. The First of the Princes (Robert Johnson), Musicians of the Globe
  19. Cuckolds All In A Row-Rufty Tufty-Parson’s Farewell (John Playford), Hesperus

Let’s see… the Bay Psalm Book was the first book published in the New World, and had the melodies that were used in Boston in the time that was used. These setting are not exactly what my character would have heard, mostly because these people are professional singers, and the settlers perhaps not so much. There are a lot of things that are fifty to seventy-five years too early, but then these people might well have old-fashioned ideas about music, and may well have heard (probably in Amsterdam) some of the older stuff still being performed. Of course, the Latin stuff is Right Out for our Puritans, but the “Vigilate” is particularly wonderful, so there. There are also a couple of things that are clearly too late, mostly the Billings setting for “When Jesus Wept” and “the Fox”, but they seemed to fit anyway and I liked them.

I tried to make a nice shift between the sinners-in the-hands-of-the-proverbial stuff at the beginning, stuff that the Other Clergyman might have heard or even sung in his church, to the secular tunes that the Other Clergyman would have not quite prohibited.

Oh, one more thing about these: my character was named after the real-life Pastor of the First Church of Boston at the time of the events of the play. That real-life person was known for his fondness for and facility with anagrams, which I do not actually share, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can fake. So, I gave this mix the title Let’s Clatter There: a list for the cast of Retell That Secret; I individually lettered copies with anagrams (such as Let Her Test Claret or Test, Err, Cheat, Tell or Tell Tech Retreat) as well. It amused me, anyway.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,