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YHB is in a particularly foul mood this morning. I would appreciate any Gentle Reader who feels like chiming in with a joke, a bit of good news, or a link to something on the internet that is likely to cheer me up. No cute animals, please; I know where to find those.

I imagine those persons in my household in real life would be even more appreciative, should Your Humble Blogger’s cloud be lifted.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

ETA: It looks like the server is as cranky as YHB; please send cheering emails, instead.


Nao tried to post this whilst the server was being attacked by spam-robots from Spain. or Space. Or Spare. Or somewhere.

Cheering things:

Do you like fancy Rube Goldberg machines with catchy Japanese tunes?

How about someone who rescued his wife in the midst of the Japanese tsunami by wearing scuba gear to swim to her?

House approves collective bargaining for home care providers in Maryland - nice to see a state going in the correct direction.


Every year, this small city in Texas does the best water quality reports ever. The reports are mandated by Federal Law, but theirs is a calendar that fulfills the requirement and goes above and beyond in terms of public education and engagement. It looks like they are having fun doing it, too. This is the most recent (large download):


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