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Please Wait

Just when Your Humble Blogger was thinking that it was possibly in the cards for this Tohu Bohu to come back to some sort of life, the main computer for the household went kablooey. This is a time-consuming and frustrating process, and leaves YHB in no good mood for blogging, alas.

I have, after only a few hours of work, moved from getting a completely black screen to getting a black screen with a white cursor arrow to getting a black screen with a white cursor arrow and the words Gateway: Please Wait. So that’s progress. I have also moved from the mindset where I am unsuccessfully attempting to avoid reinstalling the operating system to the mindset where I am unsuccessfully reinstalling the operating system. It’s too bad, but I will lose very little that isn’t saved elsewhere. There’s a lot that will need to be reinstalled, which will be a tedious task, and will probably also leave me in no mood for typing at the keyboard. Of course, I’m still a step or five away from doing that reinstall, but I am at least somewhat confident that I will be able to eventually get the thing running.

So. This computer catastrophe has reminded me how astonishingly computery my household is. On the one hand, we are computery because a tremendous percentage of my leisure time is spent on the computer, reading and blogging and playing and watching and listening. On the other hand, we are computery because we have, four computers in the household. I don’t mean four things-that-have-computers-in-them; I have no idea how to begin counting that (the sandwich press! the thermostat! the poetaster! wait, the what?). I mean that I have a netbook in addition to the main computer, and my Best Reader has a laptop that goes back and forth with her from home to office, and there’s the main computer that is refusing to boot up, and then there’s the old cruddy computer that isn’t attached to anything at the moment but as of the last time we needed it booted up just fine. When one computer is on the fritz, the others can pick up the slack.

It was a few years ago, actually, that I first discovered how much easier it is to fix one computer if you have another computer next to it, also attached to the internet, ideally with the same operating system (not so in this case, alas). I find it hard to believe I ever got a computer up and running in the one-machine days. As frustrating and hair-tearing a time-sink as this is shaping up to be, I have that reminder of my good fortune. So that’s all right.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,