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baby steps for Giants, or Together We're Less Lame

Your Humble Blogger wrote at some length about the It Gets Better project, back in October when it was in the news. Since that time, it seemed as if the trend was for straight grown-ups to tell gay teens that it gets better, which is true, but somehow if Dan Savage as a successful person is somewhat alienating for the putative gay teen-on-the-brink, how much more would Barack Obama, as a straight successful person, seem to have irrelevant experience. So I admit to a trifle of resentment—while, of course, it’s far worse in my opinion for prominent and successful people to not participate. Sorry, everyone. It’s a no-win situation, and you can only make it better by making it better.

I bring all this up because my Giants have recorded an It Gets Better video. And I’m thinking (a) seriously, what’s with Sergio Romo’s facial hair, and (2) is someone coming out? No, nobody’s coming out.

Digression: As I’m listening to the game yesterday, I think I hear Jon Miller say that our rookie, Brandon Crawford, was dating college pitcher Gerrit Cole, who is projected to be a top pick in the next week’s amateur draft. And Jon Miller and Dave Fleming are chatting about it quite casually, to the point that I thought that they must have planned out how to deal with his coming-out in advance, wanting to let the listeners know that it wasn’t really a big deal, after all. It turns out, of course, that it’s Amy Crawford, Brandon’s sister, who is dating young Mr. Cole. Still no out professional ballplayers. End Digression.

Anyway, I am proud of my Giants, who have become the first professional sports team to lend its official imprimatur to an It Gets Better video. Really. The first. Eight months, has it been, or nine? Seriously, that’s the first? Well, it’s Ess Eff, and we’re the World Champions. Maybe everybody was just being courteous and waiting for us to go first.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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