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Music Monday on Tuesday, again

I did this a while ago with twenty-five songs, but here are ten. Lyrics are not chosen specifically to confuse and mislead the Gentle Reader, although I did take care to avoid using the title of the song in the lyric, which in some cases limited my choices. It’s only somewhat a quiz—you are welcome to shout out the titles and songwriters and performers (the last mentioned is, I think, particularly difficult for this set), but mostly it’s just something to post. The songs are, as usual, randomly selected from the playlist I was listening to most recently.

  1. I talked to my baby/I talked to my baby/I get a real good feeling talking to you on the phone
  2. Never saw the sun shining so bright/Never saw things going so right
  3. Oh, see the fire is sweeping our very streets today/Burns like a red coal carpet, mad bull lost its way
  4. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, wherever you’d lead me, I would surely follow
  5. Come to my house, be one of the comfortable people/Come to this house, we’re drinking all night, never sleeping
  6. Sometimes I wish I could fly like a bird up in the sky/Oh, sometimes I wish I could fly, fly, fly like a bird up in the sky/Sometimes I wish I could fly like a bird up in the sky/Closer to my home
  7. Now they say that justice and love are the next things to blindness/Well you’re getting plenty of both of them now
  8. It’s not the pale moon that excites me/That thrills and delights me
  9. Many an Aborigine’s mistaken for a tree/You near him on the motorway, the tree begins to breathe
  10. But oh, my/That boy/Won’t be happy/Till he’s seen you cry

So, what’s interesting about this list to me is that it once again points up how my love for complex lyrics full of metaphor, tricky rhyme schemes and rhythmic whatnottage coexists with my love for simple songs with simple words. Also: I really hardly ever listen to any songs written by anyone born after 1960.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


9. is Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" which opens "bang goes another kanga on the bonnet of the van."

there's a couple others I know I know but can't place exactly... yet.

8. "...oh no. It's just the nearness of you." Ella and Louis, at least. Probably zillions more.

10. "This Boy", Beatles (maybe a cover, but i think not.)

Y'all are, of course, correct, although the recording of “The Nearness of You” that came up was not Ella and Louis, nor Ella, nor Louis. You can keep guessing, I suppose, although I don't know that it would be entertaining. Those lyrics are by Ned Washington, of course, to the tune by Hoagy Carmichael. Mr. Washington's best known lyrics are probably these:

Move 'em out, head 'em up
Head 'em up, move 'em on
Cut 'em out, ride 'em in...

“This Boy” is Lennon/McCartney, and Kate Bush of course wrote “The Dreaming”, with didgeridoo help from Rolf ‘Jake the Peg’ Harris.


Ruthling sent me over here. : ) #2 is Irving Berlin's Blue Skies. I have no clue who you might have picked as the performer, though. So many people have performed this one.

Welcome! Yes, indeed, and since you haven't been around this Tohu Bohu long enough to be misled, I will go ahead and admit that this particular recording featured Frank Sinatra. Not one of my usual faves, but I have some of his stuff, and it does come up.


In looking back over the games played here, I realized I never posted the titles and performers, which constitute the answers, if you were thinking about it as a game.

  1. I Can’t Hold Out: Eric Clapton
  2. Blue Skies: Frank Sinatra (Patti gets Bragging Units)
  3. Gimme Shelter: Rolling Stones
  4. Ain’t Nobody Home: B.B. King
  5. Welcome: The Who
  6. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child: Van Morrison
  7. You Bowed Down: Elvis Costello
  8. The Nearness of You: Dick Haymes (MelissaR gets Bragging Units)
  9. The Dreaming: Kate Bush (ruthling gets Bragging Units)
  10. This Boy: The Beatles (Chaos gets Bragging Units)

I'd be curious to know (if any Gentle Readers have comments on an aggregator and follow it back here) whether the six songs nobody hollered out were just not easily recognizable, or whether GRs just weren't in the mood.


I'm generally pretty good at this kind of thing, and I was kicking myself that I didn't get " This Boy", but in fact I just didn't know any others. Even with the answers.

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