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Dreaming of Midsummer

Well. It’s Midsummer Day, the longest day and the shortest night.

This Tohu Bohu does not seem to have developed any traditions for the Summer Solstice. Hm. Bonfire time!

Or, I suppose, I could use this space for an annual rant about how completely wrongheaded it is to describe Midsummer Day as the quote-unquote First Day of Summer, or to use the Equinoxes to delineate the beginning, rather than the middle of their seasons. I have been told several times that today is the Official Start of Summer; those unfortunate persons were unable to direct me to the Office that made it such. Nor did Your Humble Blogger brighten their days, which are quite bright enough already, considering.

No, it’s all downhill from here, or uphill, anyway. Around again.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Well, it's certainly High Summer Day as far as light is concerned, but the case for today as First Day of Summer makes more sense if you're judging it in terms of heat -- the inertia of warming a whole hemisphere worth of land and ocean, you know. It's not for another six weeks or so that we'll reach the peak temperature days.

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