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Giants! Wizards! Elves!

So, have any of y’all ever played Giants, Wizards and Elves? The description above is maddeningly incomplete and vague, but what may be at fault is my own conceptualization that is so far off that I can’t understand what would be otherwise clear instructions. This is annoying to me because it looks like it might be a good game. For kids. A cross between Rock, Paper, Scissors and Red Rover: it’s played with teams and running around and shouting and giggling and so on.

Well, and for those who care but don’t want to click through, or can’t remember, here’s the basic idea: there are two teams, which each start from a safe-base and come to the middle. Then on the count of three they make the appropriate sound effect and gesture to indicate whether they are Giants, Wizards, or Elves; the people on the losing team (Wizards beat Giants, of course, and Elves beat Wizards, and Giants swing at sliders in the dirt beat Elves) have to make it back to their base before they are tagged by the winning team. Members of the East Team who are tagged become members of the Red Team for the next round, until there is only one team.

The question is how it would work, really, and what you would need, and how many players, and all that. I suppose I could do more research.

[time passes—listen! time passes]

OK, it turns out that there are a bunch of videos showing how it works, and there are clearly lots of different ways to play it. My favorite so far is this one, because it’s very important to be wearing a snazzy blue uniform. Although the versions with dozens of people in a rec room seem like excellent fun with only a few broken limbs. So I suppose I have a grip on the game as such, and just wonder if any of y’all are familiar with it, and whether it is a good game with a smallish number of people (say, six of varying ages).

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Er, actually another question: the gestures and sound effects for the Giants and the Wizards seem very standard, but like the names the gestures and sound effects for the shortest group seem to vary remarkably. Can any Gentle Readers who have played the game give a preference?


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