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Gentle Readers of this Tohu Bohu have now made six thousand comments. Well, and that’s including my own, more than a thousand of those. 1,180 if a simple search is correct. Not that I shouldn’t count my own with y’all’s, as we are in this thing together, whatever it is.

This Tohu Bohu has been around for just a smidgeon over three thousand days, so that’s close to two comments a day for more than eight years. Some years more than others, of course. I don’t have numbers for this, but I do feel that I am writing more posts that spark no response at all, and fewer that are sparking real conversations, but there have been quite a few good threads in the last two years (since we hit the 5K mark). There was one about Robert Elsmere, and one about the way I delivered the line The house used to look so big, and one about Board Games. And Carols and Lessons and Lessons and Carols as well. The thread about Who Wrote Shakespeare was interesting as well, and featured people just showing up out of the blue, which is both fun and a trifle disorienting.

The most fun for me was the Botticelli game; I just realized that I didn’t actually state that the B I was thinking of was Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. The way to up those comment counts here is to get a game going—so many of y’all are Games Players. I recently came across a thing I wrote twenty years ago where I mentioned that I judge people mostly by how they play games (I think this may have been in reference to a Gentle Reader who I met at the time), and while I no longer really get the opportunity as a grupp to play parlor games with people shortly after making their acquaintance, it remains largely true that I don’t consider myself really close to anyone I don’t enjoy playing games with. Are there other games that work on blogs? The Fortunately/Unfortunately thread was fun, but couldn’t really sustain itself as a game, I suppose. The last Encore game was a disaster, and my recent attempt at lyrics fun didn’t really work. There are certainly a lot of problems for blog games, but we should be able to come up with something.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,



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