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Dongle jokes for the win

Submitted: this sketch wouldn’t be anywhere near as funny if it weren’t for the cloth cap.

Of course, that cloth cap is part of fifty years of television bits set in shops closely approximating that shop, often with those same actors, in cloth caps. It’s that through-line that really makes the sketch work for me, and that the gibberish they are spouting would have been gibberish indeed when they started out.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Well, I can't say about the cloth cap, but some of my friends have a running joke with the word "dongle," so of course I had to send this to them all. Though maybe (as usual) I'm the last one to have discovered it.

I meant to say a week ago: I enjoyed this, and I hadn't encountered it before; thanks for posting it!

I do agree that the cloth cap helps, but I also was pleased that the joke (mostly) works; I see a lot of attempts at this kind of "misinterpret tech terms" humor (usually in prose), and I mostly just find them dumb.

...Hee! Okay, I just found out about the Two Ronnies four candles sketch, which places this one much more firmly in a tradition than I had realized. I thought you were just talking about a general British-comedy tradition of shopkeeper sketches, but now I see that it's also specifically a Two Ronnies tradition.

I used to watch them every week when I was a kid, on my local PBS station.

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