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The long, long road to Downton Abbey

Your Humble Blogger would just like to ask—since I expect to be watching the second series of Downton Abbey entirely online, do I have to wait for the official site to present it? I mean, I feel quite certain that the remaining six episodes are available in flavorful torrenty goodness and have been since a few minutes after they aired in Britain last autumn. It may not be legal to download those files and watch them, but it’s certainly feasible.

On the one hand, of course, I wish to support PBS and their investment (with ITV) in Downton Abbey, and I certainly have no interest in quote-unquote stealing from them or making their business plans more difficult than they need to be. On the other, it’s not clear to me how watching the episodes on the PBS site actually helps PBS in any way. Surely, if anything, it’s a strain on their resources. I mean, when they do finally post Episode 2, there will be millions of people attempting to stream it all at once; those who have already illegally downloaded and watched the thing will be making room for those who have not. The polite thing would be to grab it now, and watch it tonight, right?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Actually, it occurs to me that I could easily trick ITV into thinking I was logging in from the UK, which would again be dishonest and possibly illegal, but would result in a hit, if the sponsors is counting those.


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