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One, two, three, four, five senses working overtime

So. I’m driving along in my car, and it occurs to me that I have a lot of pairs of glasses with me. I have my sunglasses on, and my regular glasses are in my pocket, which is pretty typical for me when the sun is out. So that’s two. And I am, I admit, a trifle nearsighted, so I keep an emergency pair in the glove compartment, because if for some reason my glasses break while I am out, I will need them to drive home. This makes perfect sense, right? It’s not crazy at all to keep a spare pair of glasses in the glove compartment. Probably some of you Gentle Readers do that, don’t you? Don’t you?

And again: in case my glasses break when I’m at work, I keep an old pair in my satchel. I have had the experience of having my glasses break when I was at work, and my Best Reader had to come in and rescue me. I sat in the back of the office and kept very still until she arrived. Did I mention I am a trifle nearsighted? I could not have safely crossed the street, much less made the trip on the T. So I keep an old pair of glasses in my satchel, just in case. Which, I hardly need point out, is perfectly reasonable, and not crazy at all. It just happened that I was taking the car, and so had both pairs of emergency backup glasses, as well as my current specs and my shades.

And my pince-nez. Because, you see, if I’m going to be wearing pince-nez during the show, I need to wear them during rehearsal, so as to be used to them, which isn’t crazy at all or anything like it. Just taking the pince-nez to rehearsal, like I am taking the shoes I will be wearing, like the women are bringing their corsets and so on and so forth. Nothing at all unusual about that.

So the fact that I was driving around with five pairs of glasses wasn’t, you know, odd or anything, was it?

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


I keep a spare pair of glasses in my purse all the time, so this doesn't seem weird to me at all. Like you, I would be unable to safely get home without them.

That's at least three fewer pairs of glasses than my parents have with them at any given time. But then, they each need reading glasses, and sunglasses, and my mom has special glasses for more-than-reading (very find handiwork and the like) and my dad is a bit of a magpie. And, you know, they're 70.

And there are two of them.

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