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The New Suit and the Old Hand

On the vice-presidential debate—if Your Humble Blogger was one of those surrogates of my party that is asked to go on television and radio and blogs and such and describe an incredibly biased view of the event, here’s what the message would be:

Congressman Ryan reminded me of one of those management consultant types who comes into a business with his nice suit and his expensive haircut and his fresh MBA and tells everybody how they can increase stakeholder profits if they leverage dynamic incentives by managing impactful quality prioritization, investing in the performance of new models of competency, and flipping globalized innovation to achieve peak synergy. And Joe Biden was like the guy who has actually been running the shop floor for the last forty years, who’s just going that’s a bunch of stuff!

I have thought since the winter that Governor Romney appears to embody all the negative stereotypes of management consultants, and that since I think a lot of people hold those stereotypes, my Party should be exploiting that for all we’re worth. I hadn’t realized that Representative Ryan could be seen to embody those stereotypes as well, despite never having actually been a management consultant. Still, there he was, explaining to Joe Biden how legislation works, talking about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill to a guy who was in the room with them when they were negotiating. The idea of the guy who knows nothing about the business coming in and telling the boss how to improve profits by laying off anybody who knows anything—that’s a powerful image, and I don’t think it’s unfair to paint the Other Party’s candidates that way.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,