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Clap-Clap,clap-clap what the fuck?

Your Humble Blogger follows three sports: Baseball, College Hockey, and International Cricket. That’s enough for me and plenty. Because I follow those sports obsessively and bring them up in conversations with people who aren’t fans of those sports, I sometimes give the impression that I enjoy sports more generally. Or, for those aware of my pathetic anglophilia, that I enjoy sport more generally. This is not so—I never watch basketball, football (American or World) or racing (foot, car or dog—and I haven’t put a bet on a horse in decades, either), nor do I follow the Olympics or other events. Baseball (the Giants, of course, and whoever they are playing), College Hockey (the Boston University Terriers and their Hockey East rivals—although I am probably switching allegiance to the UConn Huskies when they join Hockey East next year) and Cricket (England’s national team and other ICC full members) I know something about; other sports, however popular, do not tend to invade my consciousness. Not that there’s anything, you know, morally or intellectually inferior about those other sports.

Except, you know, that I can’t imagine—I mean it, really have trouble imagining an incident with a section of baseball fans chanting racist abuse at a player coming a week after players walked off the field in response to racist abuse in the stands.

Really. I know there’s a lot of racism in this country. I know there’s a lot of racism in baseball fans. I know there’s a lot of racism in—just as a f’r’ex from my own personal experience—the seats along the right field line of Fenway Park. But monkey chants? Over and over again? After headlines about cancelling games because of it? No, it would not happen. It just wouldn’t.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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