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Ten Years On

Ten years ago today, my Gracious Host announced that YHB’s Tohu Bohu was open for business. OK, not business. I can’t say as I have ever figured out what it’s open for… well, and it’s been open for ten years, is what it’s been open for.

I was hoping to write a note today marking both ten years and three thousand posts. Sadly, I have only posted twice this week, so this is the 2996th post on this Tohu Bohu. That’s probably as good a comment on the State of the Blog at present as anything I could write.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Happy blogiversary!

Traditional tenth anniversary gifts are made of tin and aluminum, representing durability and flexibility. Those seem like appropriate qualities to celebrate in a blog as well. Happy 10th!

Happy 10th, and thank you for gracious hosting of visitors!

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