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The Luxury Life of the Academic Library

OK, new fund-raising idea: we’ll put your name on one of the buckets that we shove under the leaky places in the roof, and we’ll print your name in our Annual Bucket List. How about it? The William Robinson Jones Memorial Receptacle. The Mahmoud Bin Hariri Bin. The Gabriel Martinez Unsealed Window Tarp. The Millie and Marvin Rabinowicz Perpetual Damp Patch.

Just sayin’.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


But you need a name for the contributors as a group. You know, how you have Benefactors and Supporters and Angels and so forth. They probably wouldn't appreciate Sponges. Maybe the Desert Club?

Also, why not aim really high -- the Trump Sump Pump!

The different levels could be from Thimbles up to Vats… there's got to be something about a loving cup in there, though.


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