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May Have Found a Lost Mine

I have been seeing some very cool digital archive stuff lately. The Library of Congress and the NEH have a lovely one called Chronicling America with a gazillion newspaper pages, but the awesome thing is the 100 Years Ago Today widget. Here’s an article from the Mohave County Miner, alas reprinted from a week earlier, but still pretty awesome.

May Have Found a Lost Mine

The following is from the Lordsburg, N M Liberal

Reports come in from the river that Wm. Wright has found the gold mine that is known to be secreted somewhere in that country. Some years ago Lige Conner and Oscar Hunter were riding with a mining man who was looking at the country, and under his direction broke off many samples which were thrown in a sack and packed back. He was stopping at the Wright place, and when he left he did not take the samples with him. The samples were by the side of the door and Mrs. Wright got tired seeing them around and told Conner to take them away. In picking them up he found that one of them was alive with gold. He went back over the trail hunting for the place where he had broken this off, but was never able to find it. Lige Conner found a piece of float at the mouth of a canyon that had twenty dollars worth of gold in it, but could never find the ledge it came from. A number of years ago a party of Coloradoans came in there with an old Mexican who claimed that when he was a boy he worked there, and gold was taken out and shipped to Mexico on mule back; that the Indians got bad so the shaft was covered up with cedar logs and the logs were covered with waste from the dump. They hunted a long time taking their starting point the red rock, from which the settlement is named. The old Mexican said that there was a cedar stump marked with a cross with the dates 112 above and below 8; that if he could find the stump it would lead to the mine, but they could not find the stump. Some years afterward B B Ownby found the stump, which was a sycamore instead of a cedar, but it had the cross and dates. He did not have the secret, but he hunted long and far for the old mine and has not found it yet. Now it is reported that Wm Wright, who has been prospecting in that country for a long time, has found a gold ledge that is about three feet wide which contains lots of gold, though it is rather pocket. If he has found the source of all the gold that has been found as float he has the big thing. If he has not it is still there for the hunter.

Alas, I have not found any further information on William Wright, Elijah Conner or Mr. Ownby; for all we know they may be dancing still.

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