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Game Time Again

Since I got nothing today, how about another game of Fortunately/Unfortunately? For those who missed the last one, here’s how it works: The first sentence starts Once Upon a Time, and after that sentences alternate between beginning Unfortunately and Fortunately. The players try to make a story that makes some sort of sense, ideally coming to a satisfactory conclusion on the last Fortunately.

House Rules (same as last time):

  1. Players should not take two Us or two Fs in a row. If your last was a U, wait to chime in until we get to an F, and veesey versey.
  2. Players should not take two turns in a row, unless more than six hours have passed
  3. Players are strongly urged to give all characters names, if not in the sentence that introduces them, as quickly as practicable thereafter.
  4. Sentences may be as long as you like, but long sentences should maintain some vaguely grammatical construction, because that’s more entertaining to me.
  5. If two comments are posted more-or-less simultaneously, the faster typist’s sentence takes precedence in case of plot contradiction—but if it’s possible to include the content of both sentences in the story, that’s even better.

Ready, then?

Once Upon a Time, the Princess of Maydeleria disguised herself as a minstrel.

Your turn. Unfortunately …

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Unfortunately, Queen Skendatar had recently banned singing throughout the kingdom.

Fortunately, the underground Freedom Singers movement was spreading rapidly.

Unfortunately, while the Freedom Singers were terrifically passionate about the Freedom to Sing, none of them could carry a tune.

Fortunately, a roving band of sherpas had decided to carry tunes for anyone who could pay them in chocolates.

Unfortunately, the Princess was allergic to chocolate herself and had access only to white chocolate (which even the sherpas knew was not chocolate really). But they cut her a deal and carried the tune to the Wayward Sea for the Princess and her small band of Freedom Singers.

Fortunately, although the deal seemed bad at first, it was actually pretty generous: The sherpas agreed to be paid in raw cocoa beans once they got to the Sea.

Unfortunately, when they arrived at the shore, the Wayward Sea had dried up, and there was no way for the boats with the cocoa beans to arrive.

Fortunately, the princess had been well-schooled in the ancient arts and knew exactly how to kill the unhappy sherpas with a sharpened Plot Point.

Unfortunately, the sherpas had been well-schooled in the posthumous defense arts, and their ghosts appeared in Maydeleria's bedchamber thirteen days later (on the night of a full moon).

Fortunately, Maydeleria had gone to sleep that night by counting combat sheep, who were ready to defend her against the ghosts of the sherpas in a bloody baaaaattle.

Unfortunately, just as the baaaaaatle seemed won, a band of bloodthirsty dream-pirates hove into view; and the princess's' dream vessel was soon boarded amidsheeps.

Fortunately, the pirates were singing sea shanties as they boarded Maydeleria's dream vessel, and Maydeleria and the pirates were soon celebrating their new Freedom Singing alliance -- and their victory over the ghosts of the sherpas -- with a feast of non-mutiny muttony and non-gluteny gluttony.

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