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It begins! And then begins again!

Well, and we’ve started rehearsals for Noises Off. It’s a strange play to begin rehearsals for—the first rehearsal, of course, is a read-through, and reading through this play is not like reading through other plays. There are fifty pages in the middle where dialogue is the titular noises off, that is, heard but not seen. The stuff that the audience is seeing is happening silently, and is thus pretty much ignored by the read-through.

The other thing that’s unusual about a read-through for Noises Off is that it’s the funniest play ever written, and now and then the proceedings come to a halt whilst the actors regain their composure.

What is usual, what’s pretty much the same about a first rehearsal read-through of any production is the murky business of trying to figure out if the production will be any good. I am optimistic about this one. Oh, I’m a little concerned about the accents—we’re doing it with English Accents, which is great for me as I can show off two of them, but tricky for those who don’t have accents in their pockets. And for me, at any rate, weak accents are a huge marker of Bad Theater—it may be totally unfair, but a weak accent just makes me cringe in a way that cheap sets or lighting don’t.

Still and all, we’re weeks and weeks away from the show. Which is the point, really, about that first read-through.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Oh, how I wish I could come see this.

Only I think I would see and hear ghosts of another Noises Off and miss them.

Agreed about the accents. Bad accents are distracting.

> It begins! And then begins again!

When does it end? Those of us with complicated family lives should make plans in advance if we wish to attend, which we (or the part of we who are me at least) very very much do.

I'll get back with actual dates--late Feb/early March. You'd think I'd know the exact dates, but somehow I didn't write them down after checking that I didn't have a conflict, and the theater hasn't posted the event yet.


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