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Book Report: Rising Steam

Terry Pratchett has died.

I have been meaning to write about reading Rising Steam, which I read in January and February, surprisingly slowly. It’s a good bathtub book—the Discworld books generally are—but I didn’t get into it, somehow. I didn’t laugh much, and I found the satire on fundamentalist terrorism a little too serious for my taste. Or my mood, maybe. I mean, considering it was the fortieth Discworld book, it was an impressive achievement to punch out a book that wasn’t filler, wasn’t dreadful, wasn’t overly nostalgic, wasn’t bad and bothered having a plot and at least a few new jokes. But it wasn’t one of my favorites.

What were my favorites? Oh, to pick three, Guards! Guards!, maybe Soul Music, definitely Monstrous Regiment. I also really liked the Bromeliad books, and I enjoy Good Omens quite a bit.

I also feel as if—I never met the man, I have read few interviews with him, I never went to see him at a panel or anything, but he seemed like a Good Person, and one that had a positive influence on the specfic community. I feel like I have lost something with his death, not so much the books-not-written, but the man himself.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,