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Sigh. OK, Listen.

I loathe that it seems necessary to say this, but: violence is bad and awful. Throwing stuff at people because of their political beliefs is bad and awful. No-one should do that.

Obviously, it’s a handful of rogues doing it. Most people in my Party, or the other Party, or any or no Party disapprove of political violence. It’s outrageous—and we really ought to assume by default that everyone it outraged by it. Still and all, it happens. And what we can do to make sure that it remains so far outside the norms of political behavior (any behavior, really, as I disapprove of sports-related hooliganism as well) is not to let it rest as an assumption, but to say it. Violence is bad and awful. I don’t accept it. On my side or any other.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,