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Malvolio Production Diary: last blocking rehearsal

We blocked the last act and have finished rough-blocking the play. Now we change things.

The big moment for YHB, of course, was when the director said don’t go for the comedy, which unleashed me to go for pathos. I still think that bathos (or, as the kids these days say, lolz) suits the play better, but I am in the hands of the director, and if he wants me to tear out the audience’s heart, by Grabthar’s Hammer I’ll do it.

The funny thing (for YHB, anyway) is how much of my prepared comic stuff I can keep. I can do my ghastly smile, recreate my leg-waggling exhibition of the yellow stockings, even emphasize my derhotic silly voice—if I have prepared the audience, those things will suddenly appear tragic, rather than comic. Even, and maybe this is going too far, I can kiss the letter’s seal when I open it and again when I hand it to Olivia: say ’tis not your seal. A matter for the director’s judgment, of course, not mine, but it might play.

As for the rest of the Act, a huge mess of entrances and exits during which all the plot points are resolved (well, resolution is claimed, which isn’t the same thing but perhaps more important) and Secrets are Revealed, the main thing from my point of view was learning how totally and completely our Agueface will steal the scene. The scene, the stage, probably the whole building. Grand Larceny. It’ll be lovely. He’s only around for a few minutes of the act, but it’ll be a memorable few minutes. And throughout the play the same, I suspect. Aguecheek doesn’t have a lot of lines, but I think he makes as many appearances as anyone in the play, and if he makes the most of them (and he will) there is no way for another human to take the thing away from him. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is an excellent thing.

Note: Your Humble Blogger is on vacation for the week, so there will be no new Rehearsal Diaries until July. There may not be any posts at all, although there might. I will be working on Malvolio of course (mostly memorizing) so if (a) I discover anything worth posting and (2) I take the time out of my non-memorizing to write that thing up instead of playing more Space Beans then there will be a post, otherwise, not so much.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,