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Malvolio Production Diary: 9 days

Not much to update on the Malvolio front. Rehearsals are going well, things are coming together. I have my garters.

An odd moment may be worth remembering: we were in the last scene, and I was doing my big Speech O’ Pathos. Why have you given me such clear lights of favor? I asked. Bade me come smiling and cross-gartered to you, to put on yellow stockings? At this point, the whole cast corpsed. Behind me. I could hear the stifled snickers. The director tried to hold it together. He couldn’t. He looked down, then looked up, caught somebody’s eye—someone who was also trying not to break—and then had to turn his back on the stage entirely.

I carried on, of course.

I had no idea what was going on. Suddenly everyone was laughing, and the director couldn’t look at me. No idea. Carry on. Acting this in an obedient hope. Tell me why?

Eventually, as we did notes, everyone talked about it, and I discovered it had nothing to do with me or what I was doing. Someone, I believe our Sebastian, said or did something funny. I was down center and facing the audience, so whatever happened was behind my back. It was evidently really, really funny, though. Or struck everyone as funny at the moment. We might have been a little punchy at the end of the night, although it wasn’t particularly late. Anyway, it wasn’t me.

Phew. I think.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,


Were you there that time that a brand new a capella group was singing at their first Jamboree, and in the middle of, I dunno, their second or third song, suddenly a naked person with a bag on their head appeared, visible through the big glass wall behind the stage, jumping up outside the concert hall, and then another, and then there were like three or five of them, appearing as they jumped up, and vanishing as they landed? The whole hall was slowly overtaken with laughter, and the poor group looked confused and sad and stumbled a little, until finally one of them turned around and saw what was going on, and nearly lost it, and then after that song, they huddled together as that guy explained to the rest of them what had happened, and they all laughed, regained their composure, and finished their set. (It wasn't anything personal to them, it was a semester when there was a *lot* of streaking on campus.)

It was pretty good. :^)

I was not. Perhaps it was after I left? I don't recall a semester when there was a lot of streaking on campus, and I would think it would be the sort of thing I would remember.


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