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Time for a Change, but not quite yet.

I said four years ago that I wanted Nancy Pelosi to serve one more term as Minority Leader and then retire from the House. Now it seems some of our Caucus are tired of waiting. I’ll say it again:

I think Nancy Pelosi is a great woman who did a great job as Speaker and as Party Leader. I think it’s great that she kept her position after My Party lost the House, that we didn’t repudiate her or blame her or make her the scapegoat. I would have been thrilled if we had won back the majority and given her the gavel again. Since we didn’t, and since we will eventually need a new Leader for the House Caucus under some or other circumstances, better or worse, I would like to avoid or a sudden and unprepared-for vacancy or a nasty battle to force her out of the chair. What I’d like to see is a nice, slow transition to someone who has a long future to look forward to and plan for.

I am not disappointed, exactly, that Rep. Pelosi did not retire in 2014, but I do think that she should retire in 2018. Not because she has done a bad job, certainly not. But because we will need a new face, as a Party, through no fault of hers. Announcing now that this is her last term gives everyone a chance to plan for 2018. Selecting a new Minority Leader now is not necessary or helpful, and no-one will be better than Nancy Pelosi at using the Democratic Caucus effectively in the first session of the Trump Administration. But we also have to plan for 2020, both in DC and the states, and I think a new legislative leader should be part of that.

Tolerabimus quod tolerare debemus,

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