(Last modified 3 June 1998.)

Wanderjahr Photos: Artifacts

Human-made or human-reconstructed objects, most of 'em big. For each image, click the thumbnail to download the full (JPEG-format) image.

arch photo
The St. Louis Arch (123K)
glider photo
"Lilienthal" hang glider (19th century?) at the Air & Space Museum (14K)
dinosaurs photo
Dinosaurs in Virginia (28K)
dinosaur photo
Dinosaur skeleton at Natural History Museum, NYC (45K)
statue photo
A chimerical statue in NYC (72K)
Horus photo
Statue of Horus at the British Museum (29K)
Rosetta photo
The Rosetta Stone, at the British Museum (72K)
pillar photo
A wooden pillar in St. Paul's (?) (43K)
Sullivan photo
Sir Arthur Sullivan's grave, under St. Paul's (39K)
lion photo
A lion in the Edinburgh Castle (?) WWII memorial (28K)
chess photo
Big chess set in Edmonton (51K)

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