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(Last change: 21 October, 2007.)

Here's the current alphabet's worth of columns:

AAA. Times and Places (1/2/00)
reader comments and addenda (1/28/00)
BBB. Lucy, Suzy, and Mary Mack (1/16/00)
reader comments and addenda (1/28/00)
CCC. Charlie and the Metaphor Factory (1/30/00)
DDD. The Name of the Domain Is Mainly for the Vain (2/13/00)
EEE. For Want of a Blue Pencil (2/27/00)
FFF. Plow Up Your Soul and Freeze Your Blood (3/11/00)
GGG. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking (3/26/00)
HHH. House Rules (4/9/00)
III. Don't Put It in Your Mouth (4/23/00)
JJJ. Mix and Match (5/7/00)
KKK. Black is the Color of My Love's True Hair (5/21/00)
LLL. Littera Scripta Manet (6/4/00)
MMM. MORF? (6/18/00)
NNN. Order! Order! (7/2/00)
OOO. Leaving Marks (7/16/00)
PPP. Experience, Memory, and Insight (7/30/00)
QQQ. Polychromatic Stockings (8/13/00, belatedly)
(There was no 8/27/00 column.)
RRR. I Laughed, I Cried (9/10/00, belatedly)
SSS. Out Standing in the Field (9/24/00, belatedly)
TTT. Fish, Heads (10/8/00, belatedly)
UUU. I've Just Seen a Face (10/22/00, very belatedly)
VVV. Srmleacbd Wdors (scheduled for 11/5/00; published on 9/13/03)

You can also peruse older columns:

I used to add and update reader-comments pages as I received comments, but the last time I did that was in early 2000. Dates attached to such pages indicate when comments were most recently added. The most recent rounds of additions are marked in boldface.

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