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Safire, William: spiro, MMondegreens

sailors, and weather: mnemonic

Saint Crispin's Day: JJive

Salmanson, David: Post-Structuralist Buzzwords list

Sample, Stephen: twiddlers list

Sandburg, Carl: Dollar, WWhat

sandwiches, ham: GGrab-bag

San Francisco: aaniversary (answers), bbbozo

Sanskrit: xena, Dollar

Santa Ana: weather

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: uuui

Sappho: xena

sarcasm: oooxymorons, rrrhetoric

"sastruga": weather

"Saturday": ZZeus

Saturday Night Live: yyyadda

"saturnalia": ZZeus

scansion: limericks

Schiffer, Michael S.: HHamlet

Schmieder, Amy: colossus (comments)

Schnitzius, Mark: ppperfect (comments)

Schnitzler, Gavin: Swifty

Schoolhouse Rock: oops

Schrier, Judith: uuliginose (answers)

schwas: VVowels

science fiction: sspooner

Scientific American: eepicene (comments)

sci.lang: k@n-'sIs-t@n-,si

Scooby Doo: HHamlet

scoring: see games.

Scottish Gaelic: see Gaelic.

Scott, Jay: Y-why, LLa, bbbozo

Scrabble: vvariants, aaalphabets2

screws, direction of: mnemonic (comments)

search engines: KKeywords

second base ("Who's On First?"): WWhat

secret yets: yet, Wrong, IInsults

Seinfeld: yyyadda

semantics: ggostak, tttongs

Semaphore: dddit

semiotics: ggostak

service marks: see trademarks.

"Seuss, Dr." (Theodor Seuss Geisel): UNIVAC

sex: patterns, QQueer

sexism: inword, inword (comments)

SGI: hhhyphen, jjjargon

Shadowcat: Chains

shaggy dog stories: cccornflakes
See also jokes.

Shakespeare, William: Trochee, ccheck, hhaiku, ppoems, IInsults, JJive

Shaner, Melissa: Marquee (comments), uuliginose (answers), EEtc (comments)

Shannon, Claude: aaalphabets2

Shaw, George Bernard: k@n-'sIs-t@n-,si

"she": see pronouns.

sheep: Wrong

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley: mmalaprop

Sherman, Morrisa: hhaiku (comments)

shoelaces: patterns

Sholes, Christopher Latham: QWERTY

Shonagon, Sei: vvvarieties

SHRDLU, in frequency table: ZZeus

"shtetl": qquetzal

Siberian Peaches: cccornflakes (comments)

"sie": see pronouns.

Siegel, David: hhhyphen

sieves: elocution (comments)

"sight rhyme": see rhyme.

signals: dddit

signature lines: yyyadda

silent letters: see letters.

Silicon Graphics: see SGI.

similarity: patterns

similes: patterns, oooxymorons, sssimiles

Simon, Paul: MMondegreens

Simplified Spelling Society: k@n-'sIs-t@n-,si

The Simpsons: yyyadda

Sindarin (Elvish): uuui

Singin' in the Rain: elocution

"sir": names

"sirocco": weather

Skurnick, Jennifer: GGrab-bag

slang: Dollar, JJive, QQueer, jjjargon

slips, Freudian: mmalaprop

slogans: SSlogans
as catchphrases: yyyadda
on license plates: License

slugs: Paean

slurs, ethnic: see ethnic slurs.

Smith, Captain John: kkarate (comments)

Smith, Nevada: names (comments)

Smith, Stephen Joseph: aaalphabets2

Smullyan, Raymond: Zwei (comments), jjokes (comments)

snarks: see The Hunting of the Snark.

snow: patterns, weather

Snow White: WWhat

Snyder, Garth: Post-Structuralist Buzzwords list

soap: Wrong

sobriquets: see names.

"sodomite": zzzed

software: Backward, JJive

SoHo: bbbozo

soldiers: bon-mots (comments)

solmization: LLa

Solomita, Ethan: yyyadda

SoMa: bbbozo

Somerville, MA: Marquee

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow": iiintonation

Sondheim, Stephen: elocution, Rhyme

songs: Alphabets, Chains, Numbers, lliteration, MMondegreens, OOne, RRabbit, iiintonation
See also music.

sonnets: JJive

sonority: kkknight

Soule, S. W.: QWERTY

sounds: see phonology

Southern accents, computer-generated: JJive

South Park: yyyadda

Spade, Sam: names

Spam: hhaiku (comments), yyellowing

Spanish: weather, Zwei, ddictionary (comments), mmalaprop, qquetzal, sspooner (comments), MMondegreens

speaking effectively: rrrhetoric

spectrum, colors of: mnemonic

speech, parts of: oops

speech recognition and synthesis: DDragon, iiintonation

spelling: ghost, k@n-'sIs-t@n-,si, Jibe, ddictionary, FFlagae
British vs. American: zzzed
spelling checkers and correction: one, ccheck, mmalaprop, rrecognition, ggginger

"splat" (asterisk): wwaka

split infinitives: hhhyphen

"spondulicks": Dollar

Spoonerisms: sspooner, cccornflakes, fffox-trot

spud: Grant

"squall": weather

classes of: mnemonic
constellations: ZZeus

Star Trek: uuui, yyyadda

Staten Island (by reference): queen

states (of the USA): names, License

Steig, William: names, YYUR

Stein, Gertrude: oooxymorons

Stevenson, Adlai: spiro (comments), eeespy

Stiefbold, Diana: patterns

Stoics: spiro

stones, rolling: Zwei (answers)

Stoppard, Tom: iitywybad

stories: dactyl (comments), films, jaw, aaalphabets2

stormy petrels: colossus

The Story of English: kkarate, CCreole

strategies, optimal: v-five

Stratemeyer Syndicate: Swifty

"strengths": one

stress: Rhyme, Trochee, tttongs

strong vs. weak: colossus, homomorphs

Strunk, William, and E. B. White: hhhyphen

StudlyCaps: UNIVAC

style manuals: Jibe (comments), hhhyphen, zzzed

subcultures, slang in: QQueer

subjects: bon-mots

subways: AAAmanuensis

suffixes: AAAmanuensis

Sullivan, Sir Arthur Seymour: see Gilbert.

sums: ppperfect

superghost: ghost

surfers: yyyadda

surrealism: Grant, KKeywords

Suzman, Peter: animals (comments)

Swarthmore College: spiro, nnname-game, ppperfect

swearing: Euphemisms

Swedish Chef: JJive

Swift, Amy: Alphabets

Swifties, Tom: Swifty

switchbacks: Backward

syllabaries: hhaiku

syllables: one, riddles, ubbi-dubbi, Hinky-Pinky, Rhyme, Trochee, hhaiku, LLa, VVowels, kkknight, tttongs

syllogisms: films

symbols: dddit

syndromes: oops

synecdoche: Obsolete

synonyms: inword, xxxiphoid

syntax: ggostak


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